Code of Supplier Conduct

This Code of Supplier Conduct describes the ethical rules of Promotion Bag ApS. 

1 General Principles

This Code of supplier Conduct is directed at any supplier and his subcontractors (hereinafter called “the suppliers”) who manufacture products on behalf of Promotion Bag ApS. This Code of Supplier Conduct sets out the basic requirements which any supplier must comply with in order to do business with Promotion Bag ApS. If a supplier cannot in a reliable way document compliance with this Code of Supplier Conduct Promotion Bag ApS is entitled to demand that the supplier implements a development plan to remedy the deficiencies. If the supplier takes no action in implementing the development plan Promotion Bag ApS is entitled to terminate its business relation without any further notice.

1.1 General terms

The supplier must treat both people and animals with respect and dignity, and the environment with respect and consideration. The supplier’s business activities must comply with all the relevant and applicable laws and regulations in their respective countries, including those concerning the workforce, its welfare and safety and the working environment. Promotion Bag ApS or anyone who represents Promotion Bag ApS must be allowed free access to the suppliers facilities whether notification of an inspection has been given in advance or not. The supplier must inform all relevant data. The supplier should ensure that the content of this Code of Conduct is communicated to the employees. 

2.0 Social Responsibility

Employees or other associated with the supplier shall not in any way be subject to force or violence. The supplier shall treat his employees with respect and dignity. No discrimination regarding race, colour, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or marital status must be subject to employment with the supplier. The supplier must not use any illegal workers nor any kind of forced, bonded or prison labour.

2.1 Child labour

The supplier is not allowed to use employees at an age younger than 15 in production or anywhere else in the business. The definition of a “child” based on Convention no. 138 and recommendation no. 146, International Labour Organization, which states that a child is a person at an age younger than 15 unless national law stipulates an age greater than that or requires completion of compulsory education. The supplier shall at any time be able to verify the age of an employee.

2.2 Wages

The employees are entitled to at least a statutory minimum wage or the standard rate in the industry. The supplier shall comply with current law concerning wages, compensation for overtime and payment procedures. Withholding wages must not be used as a disciplinary measure.

2.3 Working hours

Working hours should be in accordance with current law. This applies both to daily and weekly working hours. 

3.0 Working Environment and Environmental Friendly Production

All local environmental laws and regulations should be followed. The supplier shall promote environmentally friendly production in treatment of wastewater, handling of waste and management of energy consumption. The supplier shall ensure a healthy and safe working environment where the sources of noise and air pollution are under control The employees should have reasonable and accepted access to drinking water and toilet facilities. Sanitary conditions should be satisfactory and kept clean. The supplier shall ensure adequate air circulation, for indoor production and work areas, which should be equipped with windows that can be opened. The machines should be equipped with operational safety devices to be inspected and maintained regularly. The supplier shall ensure the health of the employees by protecting them against the risks involved in performing their work. Safe working conditions must be provided for all employees and the supplier should not subject any employee to dangerous working practises. Protective equipment should be made available by the supplier free of charge, and a first aid kit should be available in each production unit. The supplier shall have procedures for handling of serious accidents that require treatment outside the premises of the supplier. The main exits must not be locked during working hours and the location of escape routes and emergency exit’s should be clearly indicated. 

4.0 Housing conditions

Housing facilities for the employees should fulfil all local requirements and: All facilities should be well maintained and kept in clean condition. The space per worker should meet the minimum legal requirements. There should be a sufficient number of toilettes and showers There should be access to drinking water, sufficient air ventilation and sufficient lighting. Clean canteen facilities/eating rooms. Areas for food storage and food preparation should also be kept in clean condition. 

5.0 Governing law and jurisdiction

This Code of Conduct shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Denmark. Any suit, action or proceeding seeking to enforce any provision of, or based on any matter arising out of or in connection with this Code of Conduct or the transactions contemplated hereby shall be brought exclusively in the courts of Denmark

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Code of Conduct

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