Shopping bags

Do your shopping bags have a nice logo or print? PromotionBag provide shoppers the highest quality with all types of print and logo from complicated prints to the graphic minimalist logo.

Our shopping bags are available in several different materials, among other LDPE, HDPE and MDPE, and you can of course also choose environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional shopping bags when you order with PromotionBag.

We can offer you bio-degradable shopping bags. These eco-friendly shopping bags both feels and looks like regular shoppers, but unlike ordinary shopping bags of plastic, they are broken down in a way that does not harm nature. We also offer shopping bags in recycled plastic. Brand your business through your shopping bags and show simultaneously caring for the environment with our eco-friendly shopping bags. We offer competitive prices on our green shopping bags, so there is no reason not to consider this alternative.

Furthermore, we specialize in providing bags which is reusable by virtue of their long life. The longevity is both an advantage for you and for your customers who enjoy their shopping bags over and over again, while they advertise for you over time.

Call us at +44 (0) 20 3239 0535, for an informal chat about shopping bags from PromotionBag.


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