What are the bags made of?  

We make reusable bags in a variety of materials. We specialize in producing reusable bags from the most popular materials on the market.

You can learn more about the materials we use on this page.

Click on the links below to read about the specific materials. If you need further information about the materials, you are always more than welcome to give us a call.

Plastic Bags and Mailing Bags
Tote Bags
PP Laminated Bags
Paper Bags 
Other Materials


Plastic Bags & Mailing Bags


LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylen. It has a soft feel and is a durable and flexible material. Besides those characteristics, it is also a quite cheap material.

The vast majority of plastic bags we produce is made of LDPE. However, in the future it is likely that more plastic bags will be produced in Recycled LDPE, RE-LDPE, since this is better for the environment and a bit cheaper.

Read more about our custom printed plastic carrier bags right here. 


RE-LDPE is the name of the material made from recycled plastic.

We produce the RE-LDPE bags with a mixture of new and old recycled plastic. In order to achieve the best mixture, we use between 40% and 80% recycled material. Bags with a higher concentration of recycled material are not well-suited for printing.

The bags look and feels just like regular plastic bags in LDPE. The quality is thus the same even though it is recycled material.

When using RE-LDPE bags, you cut down the environmental impact in the production and it is a clever way of sparing the environment and at the same time a price friendly alternative. 


HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylen and is a stronger opaque material than LDPE and the foil is thin and crackling.

The material is durable and well-suited for food. 


MDPE can be described as a cross between LDPE and HDPE since MDPE has characteristics from both materials.

While HDPE has a stiffer feel, MDPE is softer but still a durable plastic material. 

Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic

Oxo-Biodegradable plastic is the term for our degradable plastic carrier bags.

This form of plastic is made with an additive which is mixed into the plastic during the extrusion stage. The effect of the additive is that the plastic decomposes when exposed to oxygen and sunlight, for instance if the plastic becomes waste.

The feel of the Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic bags is the same as regular LDPE Bags. You will not be able to feel any difference.

We offer to print the bags with the Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic logo, so your customers can see that you are using an environmentally friendly bag.

Bags made of Oxo-Biodegradable plastic are more expensive than our regular LDPE plastic bags without the additive.

Eco-Bags of corn starch

Eco-Bags are compostable bags made of corn starch.

The bags are manufactured in compliance to the EN 13432 standard for compostability.

Since Eco-Bags are made of corn starch the bags feel significantly different than other traditional plastic bags made of LDPE.

The prices for Eco-Bags are slightly higher than traditional LDPE plastic bags.

See examples of our printed plastic carrier bags right here. 


The Co-Ex material is a robust foil that we primarily use for mailing bags. You can choose between foil that is black inside and white outside, or white inside and black outside.

The Co-Ex foil is great for customers who wants bags where you are not able to see through the foil and still have a decent quality logo print on the outside of the bag.

See our page with examples of custom printed mailing bags right here.




Tote Bags

Cotton & Canvas

If you choose the classic tote bags for your next promotional shopping bags, we offer totes in cotton or canvas, which are the most popular materials for tote bags.

We produce totes in different qualities ranging from thin and soft cotton (approx. 150gsm) to thick and strong canvas (up to approx. 410gsm).

Totes in cotton has a soft feel and in 150gsm it is still a durable material and a good-quality product. If you are more interested in the thicker and stronger quality, the canvas bags are the natural choice. Typically, we make the canvas totes in 300gsm which is a good balance between a resilient material as well as a textile with a good feel.

Se our wide selection of totes with print and logo right here. 

Organic Cotton / GOTS-certified cotton

Organic Cotton is referred to as GOTS-certified cotton. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.

When producing GOTS-certified totes you must comply with a variety of environmental requirements during the production phase.

See examples of custom printed tote bags we can make in GOTS-certified cotton. 


Do you want environmentally friendly and durable bags, jute might be the answer. The material is 100% degradable and reusable.

Jute is a natural fibre with an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

We use silkscreen print when we print on jute.

On our page with our selection of custom printed jute bags, you can read more about the material. 



PP Laminated Bags

PP Non Woven

PP Non Woven is a very popular material made of polypropylene.

The material is soft and has a water repellent textile-like surface.

We can make Non Woven bags in qualities ranging from 50 to 130 gsm. Typically, we make Non Woven bags in 80, 100 or 12gsm.

We make Non Woven bags with or without lamination. You can read more about our printed Non Woven bags right there.

Our Non Woven bags with lamination is typically made in 120gsm and we offer an either matt or glossy finish.

PP Non Woven is available in a wide range of colours. In large-quantity orders, we can offer to dye the Non Woven material.

Se more examples of printed Non Woven bags right here. 

PP Woven

One of our most popular materials is called PP Woven.

The material is popular for a reason. There are many advantages with this material and here are few examples: 

  • Very resilient material
  • Fantastic quality of printing, both logos as well as images
  • Choose the exact ground colour you want 
  • The waterproof surface makes PP Woven well-suited for every type of weather

PP Woven is the term for woven polypropylene. Polypropylene is a strong but inexpensive synthetic fibre.

The material is considered one of the eco-friendliest plastic materials and the manufacturing, use and disposal of polypropylene is not linked to any significant environmental impact.

We can make PP Woven bags in a thickness ranging from 100 gsm to 160 gsm. The vast majority of our clients prefer their bags in 145gsm. 


R-PET is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and is an increasingly popular material due to its high degree of reusability as well as environmentally friendly material.

The material has a soft feel and we can offer an either matt or glossy finish. 



Paper Bags


Kraft Paper (Brown and White) 

Kraft Paper is a natural material which can be used to many purposes. We can print almost anything on Kraft Paper, from minimalistic logo prints to high quality complex image prints in CMYK.

We make Kraft Paper bags in brown or white kraft. The brown kraft paper has a raw feel and is a natural and untreated material while the white kraft in comparison has a smoother feel.

We can make paper bags in Kraft Paper in different type of paper qualities. For our normal Kraft Paper bags, we typically use paper that is around 80-100g while our luxury paper bags with rope handles can be up to around 200g.

See our wide selection of paper bags with print here. 

Art Paper 

Art Paper, also known as Bristol Paper, is a thicker and more luxurious paper material. Most clients prefer Art paper in a quality of 170-200g.

We can print anything on Art Paper. Simple one coloured print as well as complex images in CMYK print. We offer finish in either matt or glossy lamination.

Art Paper is a strong and resilient material and can carry several kilos.

See examples of our custom printed paper bags right here. 


Other Bag Materials



We also use Nylon as a material, primarily for gym bags but also for other bag types. Nylon in a thin grammage is well-suited for shopping since you can fold them easily to fit in your pocket.

Nylon is water repellent and a very light material.

We use silkscreen when we print on our Nylon bags which gives a very good and clear result. 


We make Polyester bags, just like Nylon bags, in different grammages and qualities. Polyester 210D is an example of a light and foldable Polyester material.

We can make bags in Polyester 210D, 420D, 600D as well as 1800D. The number indicates the grammage and resilience of the material.

Our accountant bags are typically made in Polyester 420D 0r 600D. 


Tyvek is a strong and durable material that is hard to wear out. Tyvek bags can be used countless times and at the same time it is a flexible and soft material that can be folded to fit in your pocket easily.

Because of the smooth surface of Tyvek, the printing is very good and has a sharp and clear appearance. 

Further, Tyvek is easy to keep clean. In general, Tyvek has a lot of advantages and a high degree of reusability. 


Felt is a soft material and a mixture of polyester and PP fibres. The material has a comfortable wool-like feel.

Like other materials we can also make bespoke felt bags and adjust all details to your needs.

The print quality on felt bags are also great.