As environmental concerns are growing, the public is increasingly turning to environmentally sustainable products and solutions.

In the UK alone 12 billion plastic bags are used every year and nearly all of these end up as garbage. It is our stated goal to provide carrier solutions which do not end up in the garbage bin.

Promotional bags are designed to be used over and over again and we aim to use the best and most environmentally friendly materials available on the market, which are both durable and recyclable. This means your bags are not just designed to maximize promotional exposure, but also to signal that your company cares for the environment.

By now most European countries have imposed environmental taxes on paper and plastic bags. Our bags are not subject to these taxes because of the sustainable materials we use in our production.

So, in addition to being a greener alternative to paper and plastic bags, our promotional bags are also a more cost-effective solution.

We are proud to be considered the preferred supplier of environmentally sustainable bags in Europe and to help our clients find more responsible alternatives to their promotion needs.

Please contact us to find out how your company can do more for the environment.

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