About Promotion Bag

Promotion Bag is your professional supplier of reusable shopping bags, carrier bags, cotton bags, or any other type of promotional bag that your company is looking for. 

All our bags are durable and are used over and over again by the customers which ensures maximum promotional value. Our range of bags also also include plastic and various types of paper bags.

We produce bags in a wide range of materials such as: Non Wowen PP, Wowen PP, Canvas, Cotton, Jute as well as PE and Recycled PET. 

All our reusable bags are considered environmentally friendly due to the durable and recyclable materials and in most European countries by now these bags are becoming industry standard and enjoy political support. 

Within plastic bags we also have a variety of environmentally friendly alternatives such as reused LDPE, biodegradable plastics and corn based materials.

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All bags are custom-made according to your specific demands. We strive to supply the very best quality and provide state-of-the-art printing technology in order to print top resolution designs on the bags. 

Whatever your needs, we can produce the bag to fit them, so you can create your own walking billboards for your company.

Promotion Bag has been active in the Scandinavian market since 2005 and is headquartered in Denmark. Our customers range from retail shops, shopping malls, hotels, restaurant take-aways, and libraries, industrial companies and government institutions.

You can visit our Danish site on the following web address: www.promotionbag.dk 

Please contact our UK office to learn more about the many possibilities for creating promotion bags for your company.

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